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Edinburgh`s only laser tattoo removal clinic that offers Pico Laser.
Do you have a tattoo you no long want? 

Looking for more information on how it works?

Re-Think Edinburgh offers a safe and friendly experience, located within the massively popular Octangle beauty.

Unit 4, FountainBridge Square

(Inside Octangle Beauty)

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Octangle Beauty Salon

I came for a laser tattoo removal session today and nikki was very accommodating and friendly overall good vibe and I’m super happy with the whole process. Genuinely can tell the salon care for you and want to provide your desired results thank again😊

I started going to ReThink after my previous practitioner stopped doing laser tattoo removal and I’m so glad I made the switch!

Nikki is very calming and patient, and thoroughly explains the procedure/side effects etc before beginning treatment. The treatment itself is uncomfortable, but not unbearable, and Nikki is always on hand with ice and stress balls to help!

Since beginning my course of treatment at ReThink I’ve seen a huge change in my tattoo in only a few sessions. After my sessions I usually have a million and one questions for Nikki regarding the healing process and he is always more than happy to offer help and advice.

All in all I would absolutely recommend ReThink for laser tattoo removal - the cost of the treatment is really good value and the service is second to none.

Unbelievable service from start to finish everyone was so nice, would highly recommend and pain was non existent.

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